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Session 9: Mental Health and Wellbeing


By the end of this session you should be able to: 

  • Be more aware of mental health in yourself and in other safe
  • Consider faith and mental health when offering pastoral care

  • Work with others to identify sources of help, information and further resources



Reflect for a moment on the pastoral care you have received and the pastoral care you have given over the past week.  Bring this before God with thanks for those who God has used to touch you and those God has used you to touch. 


Ask God to open your eyes to new ways of giving and receiving pastoral care as you work through this session.

Plant Mirror Reflection

Faith and Mental Health Part 1

Take a look in the mirror.

How are you today?

What can you tell about your own state of health by looking at yourself?

Have a guess as to what other people might say about you

Faith and Mental Health Part 1

Take a look at one or all of these presentations and make notes on:

- What you find helpful

- What raises more questions
- What surprised you

- What annoyed you
- Anything else?

Share some of your thoughts in the Forum

Catherine Haddow, Chartered Psychologist, answers six questions about Christian Soul Care:

1. How do I care pastorally for a believer with psychiatric diagnosis?

2. Is it okay for Christians to take medication for emotional problems?

3. My doctor has referred me for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for my anxiety – is this okay?

4. How can I help someone suffering to pray?

5. How can this have happened to me?

6. Why is social media so linked to anxiety?
Interview recorded at the EQUIP 2018 conference at Christchurch Centre, Newport.

Faith And Mental Health Presentation by Julie Lomas

Sources of Help and Supervision

Working as a group across the discussion forum, collect as many sources of help, information and other resources as you can find, for a presentation at the final study day.

Here are two to get you started...


Spotlight on Doctrine

Choose one story from the Bible that can be read through the lens of faith and mental health.  How does it speak to you?  Write three things down in your learning journal for discussion on the final Study Day.

Spotlight on Spirituality

 In the light of your reflections on this session, what are you most thankful for?  What have you found difficult or challenging?  Write or draw just ONE word or image that will help you in your journey with God at this time.

Spotlight on A Safer Church

With what you already know about promoting a safer church, what are the main issues you have identified this week in order to be safe when involved with pastoral care?  Make a note in your learning journal for discussion on the Study Day.


What has particularly struck you in this session?

Pray about what you have learned, thanking God for any new insights into pastoral care and lifting to God anyone who has come into your thoughts as you have studied.


Blessed are you, Lord our God, all things come from you:

from you come our life, this world and all that we have and are.

Help us to love one another as you have loved us.

Blessed are you, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. 


Beautiful Landscape

Something Practical To Do

Ask someone how they are this week.  Listen carefully and intently to their answer.  If you can see them, note their body language and listen to their tone of voice; if you can only hear them, just do the latter.  Does what they say match their unspoken cues or do you detect something different?

Share your perceptions about the Forum, but do not give any details of who the person is or what they said (this post is required for those taking the assessment).


Suggestions for Further Reading

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