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Part A: Resource for Others

In your assigned small group, design and present a video resource that could be used by any bible study / small group to introduce the prophet Amos, his message and its relevance for today (you should NOT actually deliver this to a group, it is a VIDEO RESOURCE, so is meant to be available to groups to use without you being present). 


You should use the knowledge you have gained from the module, putting it into an engaging and informative session that includes discussion questions. The session should last no more than 25 minutes and must be videoed. You may also produce handouts and extra resources if you wish.  The video and any extra resources should be submitted to ONE member's GoogleDrive folder (decide together which member this will be, and then that member should email to ask for the the link to the folder), together with a context form which you will find in the Resources section below (where there is also a Tips sheet to help you with the assignment.)

Length: 15 - 25 minutes maximum

Please name your file 'Assignment 1 Part A - Resource for Others'


Part B: Commentary

Individually, write or audio record a rationale for your project.  Include details on how you decided what to include in the resource and how you feel it went when you put it altogether as well as how you found working in a group.  Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the finished resource and what you might do differently on another occasion. Each student should  submit to their own GoogleDrive folder (email to obtain the link).  You may write this part of the assignment or record it as an audio/video file.

Length: 1000 word or 10 minutes.

Please name your file 'Assignment 1 Part B - Commentary'

Due by for 2023 Trainee Readers: 5th May 2023

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Create a short reflective learning journal which includes at least one of your Forum posts from each session (apart from the Study Days) and anything else you want to include from your full learning journal.


A template for layout of the journal can be found in the Resources section below, along with the Assessment Guidelines which tell you what you need to demonstrate in the pieces you submit.


Be selective and concise so you don't go over the word limit!


You may write this assignment or record it as an audio/video file (if you choose the latter please remember to say the date and title of the post/reflection before recording it. It would be helpful if you could record these all into one file but if not it would help if they are  edited together into one file. If you are unable to do this please gather them into one folder and submit that  instead).


Please submit to your GoogleDrive folder.

Length: 3000 words or 30 minutes maximum

Please name your file 'Assignment 2 - Reflective Journal'

Due Date for 2023 Trainee Readers:  5th May 2023


How to Record on Zoom

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