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Working with the other members of your assigned group, design and deliver a bible study / small group session introducing the prophet Amos and his message.  You should use the knowledge you have gained from the module, putting it into an engaging and informative session which leads into two or three discussion questions. The session itself should be videoed and submitted to the module leader either by via Dropbox together with a context form which you will find below in the Resources section (where there is also a Tips and Hints sheet to help you with the assignment).

Due by: 17th July 2021

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Individually, write or speak reflectively about your project.  Include details on how you decided what to include in the Bible Study / Small Group session (ie a rationale) and how you feel it went, as well as what you might do differently on another occasion. You should also include the Context Form from the first assignment as an Appendix. Again this should be submitted via Dropbox.

Due by:  17th July 2021


Tips and Hints

Context Form

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