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Session 5 Study Day: Questions to Ponder


By the end of this session you should be able to: 

  • speak intellegently about whether or not process evangelism is the 'answer to all our problems'

  • speak intellegently about the place of both tradtional and fresh expressions of church

  • begin to describe the relationship between faith and culture



This day will be led by Rev'd Daniel Cooke. It will consist of a mixture of short sessions, the morning ones following up on your learning from Session 2-4 and introducing a new theme in the afternoon. We look foward to seeing you!

Zoom Link

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 897 4717 4083

Passcode: 456756

The passcode will be required, and waiting room is set up, so if participants could please set up their name as their “username” on zoom that would be helpful!

Recording from the Day


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