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Main Training Modules

These modules can be accessed whenever they are running, however they have been designed to be studied over two years, building on each other to form a complete programme.  If you simply want to take the modules for your own faith journey, you can dip in and out, taking any of the modules you feel you are interested in whenever they are running.  Everyone who completes a module will receive a certificate of completion. You can take the modules without assignments (called auditing) however if you wish to study for the full programme you will need to complete all the assignments and the award of Certificate in Theology of Mission and Ministry will only be presented to those who have successfully completed them.

If you know you want to complete the whole programme it is best to register for it from the outset.  If  you start out by taking a module for your own faith development and then decide you'd like to do the whole course that is fine, but you may have to wait a little while to 'hop on' to whichever module is running next and you will be advised about this when you enquire about enrolling on the Certificate Pathway.  Modules cost £25 each.

First Year Modules

Introductory Modules



What is God calling you to do in your life at this time, in this day? This module seeks to help you determine that and give you support as you live out our faith in the world and the church everyday

Opening Up the Bible

Studying the bible is a lifelong journey. This module seeks to develop your understanding of scripture with help from biblical teachers around the world, notably evangelical teacher and scholar Tom Wright and gospel specialist Paula Gooder

Gain an overview

of the Old


New Testaments and

learn to read familiar

texts in a new way.

Care for Everyone

We all offer some kind of pastoral care in our lives of faith. The module seeks to help you identify the many different types of pastoral care, which ones you are using in your life and how to develop them.

Certificate Programme

Requires all three modules to be studied and assignments passed.

Advanced Modules

to the
Old Testament

This module introduces you to the amazing world of the OT, from a largely Jewish perspective (which after all is howJesus would have learned it!


Choose from a suite of modules (see list below) to develop an area of ministry that interests you or to which you think you are called.


We are all called to proclaim the good news but sometimes it can seem a daunting task. This module explores a variety of different types of mission and evangelism and seeks to support you in developing both in your life of faith.



Requires all three modules to be studied and assignments passed.

Specialist Ministry Modules

Anyone who has the support of their incumbent can study on the course and receive a Certificate in Theology of Mission and Ministry (CTMM) on successful completion of the whole programme. If you would like more information about the course please email Please note that the CTMM does not result in any kind of license or right to perform any ministry in your parish, that is entirely up to your Incumbent (or equivalent in a Vacancy). The CTMM also does not confer any recognition or authorisation from the Bishop.

Our suite of specialist ministry modules currently comprises:

Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy

Mission and Evangelism

Children's Ministry

Youth Ministry

Understanding Worship

Further information on the whole course can be found in the Information Pack here

Licensed Lay Ministry (Reader)

The discernment process for Licensed Lay (Reader) Ministry (LLM(R)) begins during the advanced level of the Certificate in Mission and Ministry course.  This now covers almost every form of ministry in the Church - don't think of it just as someone who stands at the front of church in robes and blue scarf (though some LLMs do express their ministry that way, but certainly not all!). 


You will need the support of your Incumbent (or Wardens and Area Dean in a Vacancy) as this is an apprenticeship module course with 50% of it being carried out in the parish and 50% accessed online via the website and Zoom for the study mornings.

Those who have studied on the old Transforming Faith course (and passed the assessments), or who have a University qualification in theology, may qualify for exemption from some of the modules and this will explored further on an individual basis prior to application for the first module.  If you are in this category please contact the Director of Studies ( before completing an application form.

Further information on this pathway can be found on the Reader Training Portal of this site here, in the Discipleship Training Information Pack which is available by clicking here or by emailing

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