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10 minutes each for the interviews and 10 minutes (0r 1000 words) for your Reflections

Interview two people you know who you think have a clear call.  Record the interviews either by video or audio, whichever you prefer.


When you have completed the interviews you can either write or record your reflections on what you learned from them and how that relates to what you have learned during this module. 

NB: the people you interview could have specific roles in the church (Reader, Children's Worker, Vicar etc) or they could have specific roles outside of the church (teacher, nurse, doctor, solicitor etc), it doesn't matter what their role is, what matters is their sense of calling to that role.

(In the Resources section you will find an example of good practice from the Pastoral Care module. The content is different but the length, clarity of sound, carefully chosen questions and reflections are good examples of the sort of thing you need to be doing.)

If you decide to write your reflections please use the document template in the resources section below. When you are ready to submit the assignments, please email who will send you instruction on how to upload them for marking.

Assignment Due Date: 19th April 2024 or 26th July 2024

Don't forget to fill in the Module Evaluation Form (link in Resources section below) as you can't pass the module until it's done.

1. Interview 1
00:00 / 09:37
2. Interview 2
00:00 / 11:48
3. Concluding Thoughts Part 1
00:00 / 04:27
4. Concluding Thoughts Part 2
00:00 / 04:45

How to Record on Zoom

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