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Sustaining Spiritual Health in Isolation


Module Convenor: Rev'd Dawn Glen

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Welcome to this module where we will begin to explore ways of maintaining our spiritual health in a time when we can't do many of the things we usually do with others.  We will begin to explore what prayer, worship, discipleship and mission look like in a time when we are isolated, our church buildings are shut and we can't even visit one another.  The module has been put together by different people and each session will say who has written it.  We are grateful for the help of the contributors to this module without whom it would have taken much longer to write and make available. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENTER THE SESSIONS.

There are currently 3 sessions to this module and we hope to add the 4th on Mission as soon as possible.

Image by Ruben Hutabarat


 Prayer (by Dawn Glen)

In this session we will explore the bedrock of spiritual health: prayer life.  Prayer comes in many different forms (as myriad and different as we are ourselves in fact) and, as we shall see, is probably the easiest and most natural thing to do in isolation.

Image by Dakota Corbin


Discipleship (by Dawn Glen)

In this session we will begin to explore how we might sustain our discipleship at a time when we can't meet with other Christians in the ways we normally would.

Image by Milada Vigerova


Worship (by Lynda Herbert)

This session explores what worship looks like when we can't meet together in a church building.

Image by Nina Strehl


Mission (by Tim Rourke)

What does it mean to be missional when we can't get out of the house?  How do we do mission in lockdown?

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