Sample Sessions

Introductory and Advanced Session Samples

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL: Maintaining Your Spiritual Health in Isolation

Pink Chair

Session 1: Prayer in Isolation

This introductory level module  has been created for this time of isolation due to COVID19 restrictions.  The module is free to all.  Click the picture to access the first session .

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL: Opening the Bible, Session 2

Image by Eddie & Carolina Stigson

In this session we will look at the book of Matthew, its date and authorship, its structure, themes and what it says about Jesus.

ADVANCED LEVEL: Old Testament, Session 2


In this session we will explore the two creation stories contained in Genesis 1-3. These stories fall into the genre of Foundational Myth/Legend and are based on existing ANE myths. We will see as we progress through the preparatory reading how the writers of these stories took familiar myths of the day and transformed them into a powerful new understanding of a non-mythological God who cares deeply for all creation.

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