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The first assignment for the module is your Forum posts and comments which will be monitored and assessed by your tutors and the Deputy Director of Studies. You must complete this in real time as you complete each session. Please don't try to leave it all to the end as this defeats the purpose of interacting with other on the course and you will lose marks. Please ensure you have completed all Forum posts and comments by the due date below. There are some Tips and Hints from a Session on a previous Study Day in the Resources section below.

Due Date: at the end of each session

Please complete all posts and comment by 13 December 2024



PLEASE NOTE: read these instructions carefully and follow them. We recommend you write them out and, when planning your assignment, you tick off each thing as you do it to make sure you have followed all the instructions fully and haven't missed anything.

Produce and deliver a presentation on the missional opportunities in your area to a group engaged with mission in your parish. Please note this must actually be presented and videoed because we are assessing your presentation and communication skills as well as how engagingly you are able to communicate your learning from the module. The group to whom you present should be a group engaged in undertaking what we would describe as “missional activity” (eg a PCC or mission team). It is fine to do this on Zoom and there are other ways too - see Resources section below. Please note: you must have a live audience for this you cannot just present to the camera for a group to watch later.

In the First Half of Your Presentation (approx 12.5 minutes - no fewer than 10 mins)

1) Setting the scence: using the information gained during the exercises undertaken within online sessions 2-4, and through engaging in your own wider research focussed upon your local community context, present an engaging and informative description and overview of your area.  In this part of the presentation you’ll be graded upon your ability to give an overview of your local context OUTSIDE of your church (ie homes, schools, shops, cafes, pubs, local groups etc) using appropriate sources of information (for example the interactive parish map found here).

2) Within the description and overview of the context, demonstrate that you have attempted to challenge your own perceptions and preconceptions.


In the Second Half of Your Presentation (approx 12.5 minutes - no few than 10 mins)

1) Communicate your reflections upon what you have learned about your local context, and

2) from this reflection identify some potential opportunities for new or fresh engagement with mission & evangelism and

3) state how these form part of missio dei and the five marks of mission. NB: don't focus on what you are currently doing as a church now, but rather on what new things you might do.

4) You must present this at the same time as part 1, to the same group of people.


We are not looking for you to evaluate these potential projects or areas of work, but we are looking for you to be able to articulate why they are of particular relevance within your context.

Length: 20 - 27.5 minutes MAXUMUM (2000 - 2,750 words equivalent). Anything under 20 minutes won't have enough depth and will lose marks. Any overrun will result in a deduction of marks at a rate of 1 mark for every minute/100 words or part thereof.

Due Date: 13 December 2024

Please name your file 'Assignment 2 - Presentation'


Recording on Zoom

Assignment 1 Example

GoogleDrive Instructions 1
GoogleDrive Instructions 2

Session on Forum Posts

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