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The first assignment is to produce and give a presentation to a group within your parish or context. Using information gathered in the exercises in the module and through wider research present a “mission audit” to a group such as a church leadership team, PCC or some other missionally active community group.

The group to whom you present does not need to be church linked, but should be a group engaged in undertaking what we would describe as “missional activity”.

In the presentation you’ll be graded upon your ability to give an overview of your local context or parish (note, not your church, but the wider parish community…) using appropriate sources of information (for example the interactive parish map found here:


Demonstrate that you have attempted to challenge your own perceptions and preconceptions. This first part should form around half of the assignment.

In the second half of the presentation communicate your refections upon what you have learned about your local context, and from this reflection identify some opportunities for mission and evangelism.

Due Date: 10th April 2020

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In the second assignment you are to choose one of the opportunities for mission identified in your first assignment and then evaluate this missional opportunity in more detail. Explore what benefits and strengths this opportunity presents to the local church and within the wider mission of God making reference to the information about your local parish or context gathered for the first assignment. Reflect upon possible weaknesses and challenges which are likely to be encountered if this missional opportunity were to be pursued, and consider ways that these weaknesses or challenges could be countered. You can choose to write this assignment or record it and submit it as an audio or video file.  Either way it should be approximately 2000 words in order to go into the required depth of exploration.

Due Date: 10th April 2020


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